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Chairs, armchairs needlepoint covering

Throughout the centuries, throughout your life were unsurpassable skill which got over and shall be for ever and a day consigned to the posterity.
The seat is one of these singular objects created for the pleasure and the comfort of the man, of the woman, of the family and sometimes too for only the home ornament and beauty.
Each period has paid homage to it by creating new forms and new styles.
The families always preciously keep these works resulting from the human skill and that their precursors entrusted. So that they linger on and can be in three centuries still used and admired, from these families at least a member with passion always stick to preserve and restore them.
This gesture must take a carrefulness attention with this art of living heritage. It testifies regard for this bond which links the last, the present and future generations. It takes part in it and consolidates it.

Tapestry by Aubusson, St. Cyr Petit Point and Gobelin stitch.
The Wool's Art in the French Genius Creations
Louis XIIIth - 17th Century Louis XIIIth More than One Thousand Models  
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  Directoire 19th Century - Directoire
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 Napoléon III 19th Century - Napoléon III
Art Deco 20th Century - Art Deco
A Royal Decorative Art
Old armchair needlepoint covering from all Styles and all Centuries

Before that these decorative treasures of art get disappearing or be dispersed forever, Tapisserie de France ® collected in the largest workshop and word-famous firms of the last centuries, the most beautiful drawings of seats covering. For information you will know that we acquired for you the greatest part of the Brocard, Braquenié and Hamot collections, inter alia.
It is to guide you and advise you in your choices that Tapisserie de France ® preciously preserves the most important collection of drawings of seats of all times and thus puts at your disposal such services up to your hard to please requirements.
So, the models you will see on these pages are only samples of this fabulous collection. The most exquisite and prestigious drawings are careffully keep for those which seek the scarcity, the authenticity and over all the beauty. We will try to put more of them in the site but for the moment we invite and thank you to fold it and for the remaining, if possible to do the honours of a calling on our show room to Paris.

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