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Original Needlepoint and Tapestries -Hand brush painted since 1969-
Aubusson Wool & Pure Silk threads in the créations of the "Petit Point" Tapestrries by Annie Bouquet
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Aubusson's Wools Annie Bouquet

Exlusive range of colors
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Médicis Wool
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Pure Silk
Au ver à soie
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Medici/Aubusson Needlepoint Wools: A Royal Art Material
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During long the Wool and Silk have alone been employed to do Needlepoint and Tapestries.
The WOOL presents the advantage of the longevity; Even more today since it is mothproof and colorfast. Thanks to the possibility to add or to remove single strand to its needle, the Aubusson & Medicis wool allows to use all types and holes of canvas. Its softness, its smoothness, its facility of utilization, its colors, its texture, its resistance make it an incomparable matter for the realization of art and decoration works of a very great quality and a very great beauty. One of the great advantages of the Aubusson Wool from Annie Bouquet or Médicis is the utilization of the mixte of one dyed strand with one or more others colored ones; This allows to vary to the infinity the gradation of colors.
SILK is since the travel of Marco Polo The Matter that has the most fascinated the occident.
This were from this period the Queen matter of Kings. It imposes its language: Silky ! One has not been able to invent other word to describe the Brilliant and the Softness ! Silk is Feminine ! Men like its presence, its fineness, its beauty... Its quality to attach the light designates it particularly to render all the splendor of objects that this simple thread illuminates. The most beautiful Tapestries have never been able to bypass. A "Petit Point" here, a small surface embroidered there, a underlined envelopes elsewhere or a spark in these eyes or in this reflection and all the Tapestry shone. Thinking of Silk is taking care to Art of oneself.
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